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Photo of Gary Walpole, Project Director

Join Dr Gary Walpole on Monday September 27th at 12:30pm to discover how CEIC can support Wales public services to:

Create collaborative innovation networks to support regional working and enable public service organisations to solve existing problems.

Develop Circular Economy knowledge of public service organisations to meet Welsh Government Future Generations act goals and address the greatest challenge of our generation. Enhance innovative knowledge and skills to drive productivity and develop organisational capacity.

Development of Communities of Practice to support each other resulting in the enhancement of regional collaboration.

The programme is now well underway, with cohorts in the Cardiff Capital and Swansea Bay Regions in the decarbonisation of social housing sectors (Swansea and Cardiff) and on Circular innovation (Swansea). Here in the Cardiff city region, we are now recruiting in earnest for our next cohort that will start at the end of September 2021. We have had interest from local authorities, Welsh Government and associated delivery bodies, the NHS, NWSSP and housing associations and there has been particular interest around several themes: integrating the circular economy and social value into regional supply chains; embedding circular economy principles into finance and purchasing, resource efficiency in internal operations and community health and well-being. This cohort brings in a number of participants that will be working in groups around these areas.

This event will take place online over zoom on Monday September 27th at 12:30.  Please click on the Eventbrite link below to reserve your ticket.

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Screenshot from a 'circular economy' video

Please watch this short video prior to the event

Circular Economy