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The CEIC team are hosting a webinar on the 15th of September 2022 at 10:30am. is an award-winning online marketplace where families connect to swap, sell, donate or shop for children’s pre-loved kit.

More about Kidd3r and what they do:

Via their bespoke swap request and member messaging system, they facilitate kit swaps, donations and sales. Kidd3r connects families who are left with pre-loved kit long after their child gets bored or grows out of it, with families who like to keep costs down and shop in a sustainable way. Their vision is to create a kidd3r community of kindness with families working together to utilise the children’s items that already exist today to unlock the talent of tomorrow. Kidd3r is all about connecting people, either locally or nationally, who want to help children to fulfil their potential by enabling resale & re-use of these pre-loved items. Many activities and clubs post covid are experiencing a downturn in inclusion and participation levels. Kidd3r offers any organisation, providing activities for children a platform to signpost families directly enabling them to affordably source the kit they need to take part. In the future, they intend to create an innovative revenue generation model with positive social and environmental outcomes. If parents wish to, via a slider donation bar, they will be able to donate a % value of the sale of their pre-loved item to an organisation they wish to support, a true circle of kindness.

The Webinar will discuss how circular economy practices have become part of their business and their plans to further develop this for the future.

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