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CEIC Experiential Learning Events

The CEIC Experiential Learning Events (ELEs) offer an opportunity for CEIC participants to engage in the principles of experiential learning. The aim of the two-day event is to encourage participants to think differently, explore the key tenets of innovation and the circular economy, and work in collaboration with other participants outside of their organisation to form Communities of Practice. The ELE is an excellent opportunity for participants to form key partnerships whilst identifying how their regional challenges could be solved.

Participant Feedback

What did you take from the event?

“So much learning – I feel refreshed and inspired and at just the right time in service improvement to put these innovation tools into practice. It has re-established for me the importance of doing this.
“You need to make time for innovation!”

In what ways do you think you might use that learning in practice?

“It was useful to engage and network with a range of professionals with an impressive skill set and work in partnership in solving problems. The exercises demonstrated the importance of planning, utilising team members’ skills, working and communicating together and time management.”

Experience of the event

“I got to know the participants better through the activities and how they respond to tasks. I learned that quick fire collective activities can be extremely productive and also iterative – it’s easy to reflect and return to/amend something concrete.”

Upcoming CEIC Workshop Schedule

Cardiff Capital Region – Cohort 4

Cardiff Capital Region – Cohort 5

Cardiff Capital Region – Cohort 6

Swansea Bay Region – Cohort 4

Swansea Bay Region – Cohort 5