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Swansea University Experiential Learning Events

Swansea University have now completed two successful Experiential Learning Events (ELE’s).

Both were held at Court Colman in Bridgend over two days and one night.

The aim being to encourage participants to think differently, to look at innovation and to start to work in collaboration with others outside their Organisation.

By the end of the second day Communities of practice (CoP’s) were being formed with representatives from various organisations and regions. Many of the participants were arranging to contact each other to share ideas and work on challenges before the next cohort days in September.

Organisations that attended these ELE’s have included:

Carmarthenshire Council; Dyfed Powys Police; Swansea Council; Pembrokeshire Council; Coastal Housing; Tai Tarian; Family Housing association and Unite the union

Feedback from these has been extremely positive.

What did you take from the event?

“To challenge my own assumption and perspectives. The value of collaboration versus doing things alone, product development versus service development. I also had the valuable experience of learning what others on the group are trying in response to the challenges of de-carbonisation and embedding sustainability and circular economy thinking.”

“Structured processes to apply, particularly via wallet exercise. So easy to work from assumptions, but underlined importance of involvement of end-user, plus testing during the innovation and production process. We don’t do enough of this, but now knowing the process, we will seek to embed practice.”


In what ways do you think you might use that learning in practice?

“Through my understanding I’ll be able to influence the decision making within the organisation, bring about positive change and hopefully eliminate waste from the process. I’ll be incorporating a lot of what I have learnt over the 2 days and the programme itself into our Housing Decarbonisation and Affordable Warmth Strategy”

Experience of the event

“I would have loved a week of it!!”

“I thought the sessions were brilliant, I really enjoyed the 2 days, felt like my mind has been buzzing with ideas because of it – all the facilitators were great, and extremely generous with their time, insights and knowledge, and the sessions were relaxed yet well-coordinated.”

 CEIC Workshop Schedules

*all dates may be subject to change

Cardiff Capital Region – Cohort 1


Swansea Bay Region – Cohort 1

Swansea Bay Region – Cohort 2

Image showing a revised definition of the circular economy